Neutrino Development

This is a working topic for developing a Masterclass and (eventually) ELabs e-Lab based on neutrino physics as a collaboration between QuarkNet and Fermilab's neutrino experiments.

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Notes from Neutrino Masterclass Meeting at Fermilab, 15 May 2017

Indico page (with links to slides)

These notes are brief. Please add to them by editing the TWiki or sending an e-mail to

Potential masterclasses:

  • Based on Neutrino Classroom momentum transfer measurement
  • Design spec submitted for conversion to masterclass measurement - more data plus background
  • Considering how to use background beside "rejection" from main data
  • use other Neutrino Classroom exercises as part of student prep
  • add new student prep as well, e.g. coupled pendula
  • Expected test with QuarkNet teachers 4 Aug 2017 at Fermilab - last day of DPF
  • Expected first inclusion in International Masterclasses Spring 2018
  • Contacts: Kevin McFarland, Ken Cecire
  • Still working on event display - likely Argo-based but simplified for high school students
  • combination of argon purity and multiplicity studies
  • hope to have working model by end of summer 2017
  • test fall 2017 with teachers and spring 2018 with students
  • include activity with VENu
  • Contact: Sowjanya Gollapini
  • Slack channel for DUNE masterclass
  • initial focus on creation of prep activities for middle school
  • can do more extensive TPC studies
  • start with monte carlo where appropriate
  • Contact: David DeMuth.
  • just getting underway
  • Contact: Hector Mendez
  • just getting underway
  • Contact: Kanika Sachdev
QuarkNet contribution
  • help with design considerations and how to build a masterclass
  • help with student and teacher testing
  • help with creating an audience
  • Contacts: Shane Wood, Ken Cecire

Event Display Tools

MicroBooNE has several in various stages of development, all of which are potentially useful
  • VENu - mobile app (Marco)
  • ARGO - browser (Nathaniel)
  • Bee - browser (BNL)
  • LArlite - standalone (Corey, Yale)


  • Physics data
    • detector physics
      • cosmic ray data (100 events)
      • laser data (100 events)
    • neutrino beam physics
      • Booster Neutrino Beam (BNB) (100 pre-selected events)
  • Monte Carlo
    • cosmic ray
    • BNB - generate with GENIE and NuWro

Physics Tasks

  • detector physics
    • measure purity of LAr (cosmic ray or laser)
    • measure electron drift velocity (cosmic ray or laser)
  • neutrino beam physics
    • identify particles - p, e, μ, π, γ are distinguishable based on trajectory/energy
    • identify ν interaction types - current/elasticity, flavor
    • measure charged track multiplicity at ν vertex

Meeting Notes

7th April 2017 (brief notes)

A few notes:
  • Ken owes some specs to Kevin for the IMC version of MINERvA. I will produce something within the next few days and run it by Jeremy and Shane (masterclass-experienced teachers) before I send it to Kevin.
  • I am still thinking about how to present the charge multiplicity task for MicroBooNE to students. Maybe we can all do some brainstorming on that.
  • It seems like we can settle on 50 events / 2 students as a basic design model for any of these masterclasses.
  • Our Twiki is at If you need a login, please contact Joel. I will put these notes and the "plan" on the Twiki.

Rollout Plans

Ver 0.0:


-- Main.JoelG - 2016-10-25


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