Meeting Notes for 16 December 2009

Present: Phong, TomJ, Liz, Marge, Mihael, Bob, TomL


  • Possible push this Friday of major new codebase - depends on how stable our codebase is


  • Assembly instructions + user manuals in progress
  • Can we get analyses to persist over Tomcat restarts?
    • Mihael likes the ability to flush state when Tomcat restarts
    • Send a message? Write parameters/logentry to userarea for restart or automated restart?


  • Wiki stuff to be cleaned up
  • Randy+DanK say that data access is granted to CMS leadership
    • May be able to get the 900 GeV data (~1 million events)
      • New study?
  • Education program now reports to communications (and not the spokesperson)
    • Shouldn't slow us down
  • Present-OGRE will be used to introduce new members of the CMS collaboration to new data
    • Major structural changes will occur

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 16 Dec 2009
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