Meeting Notes for 15 April 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, Mihael, Eric, TomL, TomJ
Absent: Bob, Marge

Action Items

  • BRANCH/1.1 needs to be merged into TRUNK.


  • 1.1β1 is live
  • Some worries about disk space
    • Data storage is down to 24% free
    • tmpfs on www18 fills up under load
  • Intermittent upload problems from FNAL, helpdesk ticket is open to determine if this is a network issue

Data Blessing

  • We make sure the detector is stable and reliably grabbing data over time
  • Detector has to be plateaued
    • When a user updates a data file
    • Compare to one that is a "golden standard"
    • If the difference σ is too much, flag the user, prompt the user
    • Requires upload form changes, possibly more
    • New metadata tags may be needed
    • Grandfathering process is required
  • Gold Standard of a file?
    • User has to believe that it is good.
    • Do a performance study?
  • Dependent on the user

  • Performance is intended for users to verify if data is good or not
    • Hoped for users to push back, they didn't
    • Performance study may change?
      • Time/threshold is only one parameter in data quality control
      • Need more parameters?

  • If the data passes the σ test, do we autobless or not?
  • Is blessing a boolean yes/no?
  • LIGO uses quality flags, not just blessed or not-blessed.
  • Ideally we could search by tags, searching system might be able to do first-approximation filtering

  • Search data by comments? Might help collaboration
  • User tagging?

General Upgrades

  • Tomcat now running 5.5.27 (was .20) to permit large-uploads
  • Postgres now running 8.1.17 (was .04) to fix some deadlock issues
  • Libraries a'plenty got updated


  • Some messiness about that.
  • Branching for each major feature and merge back?

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 15 Apr 2009
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