Meeting Notes for 11 February 2008

Present: Marge, Bob, Phong, Liz, TomL, TomJ, Eric
Absent: Mihael

Action Items

  • Liz gets in touch with Dave to see if he'll join in the discussion.
  • Phong goes to Adler to talk to Julieta on OGRE's UI after TomL gets some feedback collated.

Marge's Concerns

  • LIGO Milestones and LOs done but not yet blessed
  • Dale gave feedback on Bluestone @ ANL, it is working (~99% done)
    • Eric is checking with Dale if there are any showstopper bugs
    • Eric is making Bluestone tutorial revisions
    • Eric needs to migrate some links on www18 BRANCH/1.0 (has some SVN issues)
  • MC data delays will push some tasks out - might cause CMS' internal deadlines to be missed


  • CMS UI might be too complex?
    • Verification needed through the think-aloud protocol
    • Who will do the CMS TAP?
  • How to get Dave Barney to buy into this design?
  • Might need to hide some parts of the OGRE UI at first
    • Get other UI experts on this? Julieta @ Adler?
    • Find out UI best practices
  • TomL would like email responses on the OGRE UI


  • HTTP/SSL is appearing as default? We really only use this for secure logins
  • Upload issues need to be investigated. SSL timeouts?
  • Issues with the date range in the searches

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 11 Feb 2009
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