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This documents the process of updating the VDL and loading the analysis beans onto the portal.

1. Update the VDL:

cd /home/quarkcat
sudo -u quarkcat /bin/sh
source ./
bin/updatevdc /PATH/TO/VDL/FILE.vdl

2. Create the Beans:

cd /home/quarkcat/sw/i2u2cvs/cosmic/src/java
ant createBeans

3. Deploy the Jars:

cd /home/quarkcat/sw/i2u2cvs/cosmic
ant deploy -Dtpjars=~quarkcat/sw/i2u2cvs/cosmic/src/jsp/WEB-INF/lib

4. Restart the Server:

sudo /etc/init.d/i2u2tomcat stop
sudo -u quarkcat /bin/sh
source ~quarkcat/
sudo /etc/init.d/i2u2tomcat start

You need to make sure that the changes in transformations.vdl that you want reflected in the beans is in /home/quarkcat/sw/i2u2cvs/cosmic/src/vdl/transformations.vdl, because that's the file that the beans get created from, regardless of which vdl file gets called in the bin/updatevdc call above.

-- Main.NickDettman - 20 Jun 2007
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