Running JMeter

  • Get it at
  • Check out from the CI ELabs CVS the testing files, located in /testing/jmeter
  • Start up JMeter from the location of the jmeter binary (change to bin and do ./, load one of the tests
  • select the view results tree branch, which will display the results of running the test
  • Select Run from the menu, then start

Current tests

  •[flux|lifetime|performance|shower]-13.jmx are intended to test the analyzes on www13. These are currently in use at
  • is intended to monitor timings of all the tests, and might be set up in the future to act on timing requirements failure (tasks running longer than intended) with email notification of scripting actions. These are not "production deployed" yet.

Adding new tests

JMeter can function as a proxy for your browser.
  • That means that you can load into JMeter the proxy server module: Click on the workbench, and from the Edit menu, Add -> Non-Test Elements -> HTTP Proxy Server.
  • For this, I usualy set the port to 8090, then go to my browser, and set the proxy information to localhost:8090
  • To the test plan, I add a ThreadGroup to the TestPlan, then add a Config Element -> HTTP Cookie Manager
  • Then I hit start on the HTTP Proxy server, and point my browser to the ELabs site, and start navigating.
  • When the test is done, I hit stop on the HTTP Proxy server, then I revert my browser to use direct internet connection, rather than the localhost:8090 proxy (which I just stopped).

Setup on www17

JMeter is run through ANT, set up according to this page:

Notes: Since there are HTTPS components to the login procedure in the ELabs portal, you need to set the correct SSL configuration in the jmeter config file: /home/quarkcat/sw/jmeter/bin/, by specifying the correct keyStore path:, and by enabling the keyStore pass:

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