Task List

What we gotta do, who's gonna do it, how much effort it's gonna take, and when it's gonna be done.

A graphical representation in the form of a GANTT chart can be found at http://www18.i2u2.org/plan/

Priorities are [H] = high, [M] = medium, [L] = low, and time estimates are based on 100% FTE (working full time - person time not wall-clock time)


  • [H] Design and implement a data blessing approach - TomJ, Bob, Phong, Alan (3-5 weeks)
  • [H] Fix bugs rated with Priority 1 or 2 (first--others can wait until after the crush) - Mihael, Phong, TomJ (2-3 weeks)
  • [H] Adjust execution controls and results page to meet technology LO (performance estimates and metrics) - Mihael, TomJ (1-3 weeks)
  • [H] Create a test suite (regression testing) - Mihael, Bob (3-4 weeks)
  • [L] Implement wildcard data searches - Phong, Mihael (1-2 week)
  • [L] Implement progress bar for data uploads - Mihael (who thinks this is just another bug on the list) (1 day)


  • [H] Formulate and implement pre and post test questions - Dale, TomL (1-2 weeks)
  • [H] Implement saving Bluestone-specific metadata to e-Lab - Eric, Phong (1 week)
  • [H] Get Bluestone server running at ANL - Eric, Mihael (0.2 weeks)
  • [H] Get DMTROOT running on teraport - Eric (1 week)
  • [H] Develop interface for Bluestone to run analyses via Swift - Eric, Mihael (2-4 weeks)
  • [H] Clean up LO and milestone issues - Dale, TomL, Phong (1 week)
  • [H] Enable rerunning analysis using metadata associated with plots - Eric, Mihael (0 weeks)
  • [M] Establish access to data at Caltech - Eric, Greg Mendell and Larry Wallace (1 week)
  • [L] Continue to implement run time estimates and implement performance metrics - Eric, Mihael (1 week)


  • [H] Enable OGRE to run analyses on Swift - Dan, Mihael (4-8 weeks)
  • [H] Pre and post test developed - TomL, Dan, JillZ, Phong (1-2 weeks)
  • [H] Beta testing small scale at NDQC (on CMS's dime) - Dan, JillZ, DougB (1-2 weeks)
  • [H] Integrate into existing database (OGRE can save to e-Lab groups) - Dan, Phong, Eric/2 (2-3 weeks)
  • [H] Test Beam and MC student and teacher pages integrated - !TomL, Phong, Dan (3-5 weeks)
  • [H] Integrating multilevel investigations, if appropriate after study - Liz, TomL, Dan, Phong (1-2 week+x)

Adler i-Lab

  • [H] Deploy exhibit - Mark, JulianJ, TomJ (2-4 weeks)
  • [H] Evaluation: coordinate i-Lab evaluation with Jean - Mark, Jean, KarenC, MichelleN (1 week)
  • [H] Create user pages - Mark, Julietta (1 week)
  • [H] Investigate how i-Lab hooks into e-Lab - Mark, Bob, Dan, TomJ (2-3 weeks)
  • [M] Develop/study follow up rates from exhibit to web (card dispenser) - Mark, Georgia (4-6 week)

Grid Issues

  • [H] Performance metrics and estimates (eg. CPU time, wall-clock time, scaling w/ processors, etc...) - Mihael (1 weeks)
  • [M] Parallelization of cosmics workflow for Swift - Mihael, TomJ (3-6 weeks)
  • [L] Enable e-Labs to work on multiple sites (this is not parallelization) - Mihael (3-6 weeks)
  • [L] Define and work toward "impressive scalability" (What does that mean? Ability of students to be able to do something they otherwise could not accomplish with resources available to them. Impressive to who? NSF. Scalability of the problem, not the number of users) - Mihael (6-8 weeks)

Online community issues

  • [H] Integrate Forum/Wiki and e-Lab User databases - Eric, Phong, Liz (1 week)
  • [L] Redesign web portal to support web portal for teachers (who are users, or who are both users and developers, and allowing for other kinds of users in future) - Eric, Bob (1 week)

Common Issues

  • [H] Support a virtual community of learners: revise teacher pages, linking to elements of online community - Phong, Eric (0.5 week)
  • [H] Validate the pre/post tests - TomL, Dale, Bob, Phong, Liz, TomJ (1 week)
  • [H] Complete and respond to Think-Aloud Protocols (TAPs) - Dale, Bob, Liz, TomL (3 weeks)
  • [H] Complete peer (expert) review - TomL (CMS), Dale(LIGO), Bob(Cosmics) and reviewers they assemble (1 week)
  • [H] Complete beta test (small scale, large scale) - TomL (CMS), Dale(LIGO), Bob(Cosmics) (6 weeks)
  • [H] Articulate common teacher workshop goals, including use of teacher pages and learning community, exercising grid resources - TomL (CMS), Dale(LIGO), Bob(Cosmics) (1 day)
  • [H] Run workshops - TomL (CMS), Dale(LIGO), Bob(Cosmics) (3-4 weeks)
  • [M] Copy Help Desk e-mail to Help Desk Forum - Eric, Bob (1 week)
  • [L] Create a statistics/reporting tool (Bug #140) - Bob, Mihael, Phong (1-2 weeks)
  • [L] Establish a mirror site independent of Argonne (Emergency Kit) - Phong (1-2 weeks)

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