During Q4 2015, QuarkNet is transferring its primary ELabs data operations from the MCS division of Argonne National Laboratory to the Center for Research Computing (CRC) at Notre Dame. Our engineers at the CRC are Matt vander Werf and Steve Bogol. Paul Brenner can also be contacted in a pinch.

Physical Infrastructure

Three SuperMicro servers were purchased while operations were at Argonne but not placed into service before being transferred to the CRC in Oct. 2015. As identified by the CRC, they are
  • i2u2-vmhost01
  • i2u2-vmhost02
  • i2u2-store01
i2u2-vmhost01 and i2u2-vmhost02 are ostensibly identical general-purpose servers. i2u2-store01 is the primary data storage server, with 28TB.

Virtual Infrastructure

The CRC has created 6 virtual machines (VM's) on the physical hardware noted above. They are

  • i2u2-prod.crc.nd.edu (Public - Main production machine
  • i2u2-quarknet.crc.nd.edu (Public - Will host the Drupal website
  • i2u2-dev.crc.nd.edu (Public) - For development prior to deployment on i2u2-prod
  • i2u2-db.crc.nd.edu (Private) - Database server (mostly user account data, I think)
  • i2u2-data.crc.nd.edu (Private) - Large storage machine for physics data files
  • i2u2-wiki.crc.nd.edu (Private) - For moving the developers' wiki (this one) to
NB: The CRC originally created i2u2-dev as private, but they opened it up at our request to allow the fellows access. If you are doing development on this VM, the CRC strongly cautions you to avoid installing software on it unless you are certain it is highly secure.

All VM's are mounted to i2u2-store01, the 28TB storage server. This includes i2u2-db and i2u2-quarknet, even though we're not sure why they'd need it. That's the way Argonne had it set up, though.

All VM's run Ubuntu LTS 14.

Root access to these machines is held by Edit Peronja, Joel Griffith, possibly Mihael Hategan, and the CRC engineers.


11Nov2015 - Edit rsync'd the data from data4.i2u2.org (at Argonne) to i2u2-data (at CRC). This was 7.5TB of physics data.

-- Main.jgriffith - 2015-11-12
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