Cosmic LIGO CMS i-Lab e-Lab Requriements
x x x x Use authentic data for scientific investigations that students design.
/ / / NA Have common components []:
x x x   Project Page - general overview
x x / NA Teacher Pages - common required format and information
x x / NA Student Pages - common navigation and required sections with open design
x x / x Support collaborative learning.
/ / / / Support common learner outcomes in addition to specific e-Lab content LOs.
x x x x Require only a browser for school-based users.
x / / / Have capabilities for data access, processing and publishing and for reporting results (and some for data upload).
? ? ?   Have grid-based analysis code and administrative tools based on the SWIFT infrastructure.
x / /   Have searchable metadata associated with data and data products (plots, posters).
? ? ?   Use virtual data tools and techniques.
x / /   Use common infrastructure for educational scaffolding (milestones, logbook, references).
/ / /   Support a virtual community of learners with online discussion forums, document storage, wiki-like interactive publishing and help desks.
x x     Offer professional development workshops to help teachers become effective users.

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