Old ANL Servers

Before moving servers to Notre Dame in Q2016, all ELabs functions were served from the Mathematics & Computer Science (MCS) division of Argonne National Lab (ANL). That includes production and development for the e-Labs site (www.i2u2.org), the QuarkNet site (quarknet.i2u2.org), user and physics data, Bugzilla, this wiki, and compute nodes for the Open Science Grid that we don't use anymore.

Most if not all of the physical servers had been purchased by Mike Wilde through Fermilab. After the move to Notre Dame, Mike retrieved these servers and returned them to Fermilab excess, where the hard drives were shredded. No physical servers or drives were transferred to Notre Dame, only data.

Much of the documentation on this wiki refers to the old servers:

(name).i2u2.org purpose current analog
www18 production server   i2u2-prod
www17 testing server   i2u2-dev
www13 development server   i2u2-dev
data4 physics data   i2u2-data
data1 user data   i2u2-db
data2 user data   i2u2-db
dev development server (unused)   i2u2-dev
quarknet QuarkNet site   i2u2-quarknet
node0 - node7 grid compute nodes none

plus several more. This spreadsheet has more detail on the ELabs servers at the time of the ANL-ND transition. When you see references to these servers, be aware that they no longer exist. Well, quarknet.i2u2.org still does, but it's different.

Also, there are two obsolete websites associated with the project. I don't think they were served from MCS, but I don't know where else to list them.

name purpose current analog
quarknet.us old website none
quarknet.fnal.gov old website quarknet.i2u2.org

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-12-09


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