Meeting Notes for 7 March

Present: Senem, Joel, Mark, Ken


  • Mark reports on known bugs in the Flux Analysis where non-continuous data doesn't bin properly. It sounds like a problem in the basic logic; he'll ask Edit to look at it when she starts.
  • Muon week is next week! Mark is preparing and mustering participation.


Ken reports that Tom is working on a Higgs Masterclass with CMS data.


Ken has a test run of about 25 events for the Miνerva Masterclass. He'll try out new things to do with the data; he notes that by summer we might well have tested out at least three different neutrino-based Masterclasses.


  • Ken is keeping record of bug fixes and new features for CIMA
  • We probably won't think much about changes to the CMS Masterclass until after the end of the current MC cycle.




-- Main.JoelG - 2018-03-14


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