Meeting Notes for 21 February

Present: Senem, Joel, Tom, Mark, Shane, Ken, Marge, Adam


Tom has prepared new H > 4l files, but want to check that he can reproduce the invariant mass plot. He's not sure how best to extract background for a usable .csv file, but we're close to having everything we need.

Ken wonders if the background needs to be in a .csv. Tom explains that a .csv is easier to use in a Jupyter Notebook, and that if we used C++ or Python data structures, the user would need to have Root installed.


  • Ken makes the group aware of the Stratostar program, which uses cell-phone-sized CRDs attached to weather balloons for STEM education projects. He wonders if this might be useful in Namibia if we could map the data to our format; Mark points out that GPS cuts off at 20000 ft, which makes our system incompatible with weather balloon use.
  • Someone named Peggy is making a Si wafer detector.
  • One of QuarkNet's former summer students is now an engineer at SpaceX; he installed a CRD at CERN while there earlier in his career.
  • Mark and his student in HI have completed a "baby" version of the Reconstruction program. If it's successful over the next month, they'd like to implement it in Jupyter.


One of Adam's former students is helping create learning management software and has experience trying to set up JupyterHub. They found that, since JupyterHub is based on something called tornado, authentication possibilities are strictly limited. They found a more flexible solution to presenting Jupyter Notebooks that doesn't implement JupyterHub. Adam will put Joel in touch with this student to compare notes.


Ken would like to introduce Raspberry Pi-based teacher workshops for data analysis. He asks the group what sort of data we have that would be interesting and useful to teachers, preferably related to particle physics. The best options are .csv files of CMS data and CR data from August's eclipse. Ken will inquire with the local teachers.




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