Meeting Notes for 14 February

Present: Senem, Joel, Tom, Mark, Shane, Ken

Ken asks Senem about editing old forms to make new ones. Senem explains that new form nodes have to be created from scratch.


  • Joel is reviewing the login code.
  • guest logins on i2u2-dev are now HTTPS. We'll deploy that change to i2u2-prod at the next rollout.


Tom has finished creating .csv files from 2012 CMS data. He'll work with Ken and Adam later today to review them. He still wants to track down a few specific events to fill out some of the sets.


Mark relates that he, Dave and a group of schoolchildren made a poster of the cosθ flux distribution at the Fermilab Open House over the weekend.


  • Masterclasses have started, but so far none of the ones we're involved with. CERN's CMS Masterclasses start next week; Ken will get the groups into CIMA this week. Fermilab's don't start until March.
  • Mark asks about CIMA orientation materials. Ken will supply them.
  • A student working with Uta integrated a Lithuanian-language version of CIMA created by a Lithuanian group.


Ken has put Joel in contact with Sergei Gleyzer to see if Sergei can give advice on setting up student accounts on i2u2-jupyter.


The servers needed rebooting over the weekend, which inconvenienced several Cosmic users. Mark and Ken ask about identifying errors that warrant reboots to Tomcat or the VMs. Joel figures that failure to find databases or "500 - unable to compile" errors are the most likely suspects if we haven't changed any code recently.

-- Main.JoelG - 2018-02-14


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