Meeting Notes for 17 January

Present: Senem, Joel, Mark, Ken, Shane

  • Fixing the "Portfolio Activitiy" typo will require taking the site down for 15-20 min to do a search & replace in the database and upload the new database. It's agreed that we'll save this for the text time there's major maintenance to the site.
  • Ken and Shane have had a problem with a "No CAPTCHA Enabled" note blocking the search box on some pages. Senem fixes it before the end of the meeting.


The e-Labs now function in separate browser sessions. Shane wonders if this will affect user account creation from one e-Lab vs. another. Joel will check.

CMS Test Beam

Dan Karmgard created this before we had real CMS data. No one present objects to removing it from the source code so long as it can be recovered from the repo.


  • Ken has communicated with Tom. The 2012 data Tom's working on will not make it into the 2018 Masterclasses, but we should have the new measurement in next year's. Higgs- or Top-oriented Masterclasses are on the horizon.
  • Atlas is rolling out a 3D event display for their Masterclasses.


  • Mark is working on a Help Desk request from a user having problems uploading data. Mark's test uploads are fine, suggesting it's the data itself.
  • The student in Hawaii working on shower reconstruction has determined that accounting for a general geometry is difficult to do in Excel. He's moved to developing the process for his specific geometry only.


Ken and Shane met with neutrino people last week. Minerνa is on schedule, and miniBooNE and DUNE also look good. They're hoping to have something in place and tested by May or June. Ken's only big worry at this point is that Google Sheets won't be able to handle the server load of a full class.


Ken reports that Sergei Gleyzer has successfully set up a JupyterHub server in Ecuador. Ken will put him in touch with Joel for his advice on problems installing an authentication system.

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