Meeting Notes for 10 January

Present: Senem, Joel, Marge, Tom


Several problems relate to Tomcat's default elab session cookie. When it's set, all three e-Labs are treated as a single session, which creates problems with data saving when users switch e-Labs. Ideally, we would prevent Tomcat from setting the cookie, which is what Joel's been exploring this week. It turns out the structure of the site makes this difficult.

The next best option is to erase the cookie when a user logs in. This is the current intent of the code, but there's some sort of error where the cookie isn't erased properly. Joel will explore fixing this during the coming week.

Marge notes that having a single session is sometimes more convenient for users, though less convenient for data saving. Among Marge, Mark, Tom, and Ken, there isn't a strong preference one way or another. The consensus is to fix the cookie-erasing bug first so that the site works as currently intended, then discuss whether we should move to a single-session approach.


Tom's working on converting 2012 data to .csv files. He'll email Adam for some feedback on the process.


Still looking at mid-January before Joel has authentication sorted out on i2u2-jupyter so that more people can login.


The bare-metal servers at the CRC were patched against Meltdown and Spectre over the weekend during the CRC's annual maintenance, since RHEL got their patch issued in time. The VMs still need to be patched, since Canonical didn't get their patch into Ubuntu until just yesterday (Tuesday the 9th). Joel will get the VMs patched in the next week; expect a slowdown in the VMs for at least the near future, and alert Joel to any problems with any of them.

-- Main.JoelG - 2018-01-10


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