Meeting Notes for 3 January

Present: Senem, Joel, Mark, Ken

  • Until Edit starts in February, Joel will be the main contact person for site issues
  • Senem fixed the "Group audience" and "Group visibility" visibility bugs that Dave Trapp reported
  • Ken requested that forms be updated to allow HTML, which Senem adjusted immediately.


The ability of users to login to multiple e-Labs in the same session is actually an error related to how Tomcat sets cookies. Joel will fix that error, though it's an open question of whether or not we want the e-Labs to be separate-session or single-session. Ken and Mark are fine with separate sessions; we'll get Shane's input when possible, since this mostly comes up at workshops.


  • Sudha deployed Δt code on the production server. Mark and Joel will test it out this week.
  • Ken had server-timeout errors uploading a 2GB data file from the QN office. Mark suggested that using ~1.05GB chunks works better for him. The Comcast network seems to have been sluggish for most lately, so it could also be a problem with Comcast's infrastructure. We'll see if it clears up soon.


Still looking at mid-January before Joel has authentication sorted out on i2u2-jupyter so that more people can login.


Ken and Shane have been exploring a simplified Arachne interface being prototyped by the Rochester group. Positive response from Ken so far.

-- Main.JoelG - 2018-01-03


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