Meeting Notes for 20 December

Present: Senem, Joel, Sudha, Ken, Adam, Shane

  • Maintenance notes:
    • Joel updated and rebooted i2u2-quarknet Friday evening. Nothing bad seemed to happen.
    • Still want to look into whether it's possible to log users out gently and if we can construct a dynamic mailing list of users to alert them to maintenance.
  • Dave Trapp sent in a few notes on the site via screenshot.
    • The QuarkNet logo in the banner can obscure the View/Edit tabs for him when he's logged in (FF57 on High Sierra). No one can recreate the issue except maybe Ken, who says it changes with scrolling. We'll add it to the list of things for Senem to look at.
    • The icons on lists of content files don't always match the file type. This was determined to be a error in the item's description; Sudha fixed it on the page in question and will email Dave with the information.
    • "Group audience" and "Group visibility" are visible; Senem says they should not be and will fix it.
  • The Data Portfolio Level-ordering bug is due partly to the fact that Level 4 has no content yet, and thus does not show up as a link the way the other levels do. There's an additional problem, though, that Senem has identified and will work on a solution for.


Joel has a functioning JupyterHub server running on i2u2-jupyter. He'll sort out authentication by mid-January, at which time it will be publicly available for use. Having authentication synced to credentials is recognized as desirable, and Joel will see what can be done about that.


  • Adam notes that Tom continues to work on H -> 4l data from the 2012 Open Data release, including student-oriented Jupyter Notebook exercises.
  • Javier sent in a few notes about the histogram interface. We'll bring them to Tom's attention when he's able to work on them.


Sudha has Δt code on i2u2-dev and will be ready to deploy it after a little more testing.


Ken's at Fermilab and will meet with Neutrino people later today; expect updates by the next meeting. He has also started a Neutrino Masterclass library on


  • No meeting next week
  • Sudha is moving to the Feynman Center in January, and Edit will be return in February

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-12-20


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