Meeting Notes for 29 November

Present: Joel, Mark, Sudha, Liz, Marge, Adam

Sudha's not sure what the status is of Xeno Media's work on the list of fixes. She'll email Kevin.


  • Joel thinks i2u2-jupyter should be ready for staff testing by the end of December
  • Mark's working with a student in Hawaii doing a large-area shower analysis; he'd like to move from Excel to Jupyter. Adam offers his existing Jupyter setup since i2u2-jupyter isn't ready for public access yet.


The login loop bug found with the guest login on i2u2-prod has also cropped up with the TestTeacher login on i2u2-dev. Joel will prioritize fixing it, because it's an obstacle to fixing other problems:
  • Separating the data directory of saved data products from the e-Lab users login at.
  • Fixing up the Student Research Groups listing page
  • Upgrading jQuery on the CMS e-Lab to fix the histogram/charts bug


  • International Cosmic day is tomorrow, Nov 30. Mark is participating, but he notes the event is largely driven by DESY.
  • Joel pulled data on DAQ ownership an upload records as a .csv file and distributed it by email.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-11-29


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