Meeting Notes for 22 November

Present: Joel, Ken, Shane, Mark, Tom, Liz, Adam


  • Tom found that the source of the display bug when switching between views is an outdated version of jQuery (1.4.3). Upgrading to 1.7.2 (or greater, presumably) solves the problem. Joel will investigate on i2u2-dev and i2u2-prod.
  • Tom's waiting on the Open Data release of 2012 data to create new Jupyter Notebooks. That data release will include the Higgs discovery, and its curators have supplied Tom with a list of reconstructed H > 4-lepton events that he'll convert to a CSV to use in e-Labs, Masterclasses and such.


  • Mark will send another International Cosmic Day reminder soon, and he's coordinating a virtual eclipse analysis meeting.
  • Mark has inventoried the Cosmic Ray Detectors, and has found that about 50% of detectors have uploaded data in the past year, somewhat higher than expected. He'll target the remainder to encourage them to upload more actively or return the detector.
  • Shane suggests that a searchable, public spreadsheet accessible through would help the staff and mentors, who tend to rely on their own record systems. Mark agrees, if it's possible and no one objects. Edit's Upload Report feature would be the best place to start, but we don't know for certain how accurate it is; Joel will locate this data in the e-Lab databases and investigate.
  • Mark is working with a student from Hawaii who's reconstructing showers from a large array. He's considering creating post-Analysis feature of the Shower Analysis that explores this sort of analysis, similar to the Excel sheets he and Sudha created dealing with rates for the Eclipse.


  • Shane suggests some improvements to the Student Groups Resource page.
    • Email addresses are obfuscated so that hyperlinks don't work to open in email clients. Liz recalls that this was Eric Gilbert's decision, based on privacy and spam concerns. We should consider either deactivating them as hyperlinks to avoid confusion or convert these to e-Lab Notifications. In addition, having Notifications email the recipient would be a good addition to the site.
    • It would be clearer to label this link something like "Teacher and Student Research Groups" or "All e-Lab Research Groups" so that teachers don't assume it's merely a link to their own groups.
    • A side note that came up during discussion: some of the contacts listed near this link on the Resources page should be updated. Randy and Dale are retired, Henry Glass doesn't have much to do with the e-Labs anymore, and we should include Amber Strong for LIGO Hanford and seek out someone from Livingston.
  • Joel's currently working on separating data product storage from the e-Lab that a user logs in as and fixing the Guest login problem.


  • A new VM i2u2-jupyter exists, but doesn't have anything on it yet. Joel will get JupyterHub working on it within the next two weeks. Once done, it be a multipurpose tool for Masterclasses, Workshops, and Swift/Parsl development.
  • Shane wonders if Jupyter Notebooks should form a new Workshop, or merely extend the current Data Workshop. Joel and Ken suggest both, since there's a such variety of uses for JNBs in the classroom that teachers will want to know about.


Ken is considering a Masterclass "Test Week" in May or June, since the Minerνa Masterclass won't be ready in time. This may include material for LHC Masterclasses and new CMS data.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-11-22


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