Meeting Notes for 15 November

Present: Sudha, Joel, Ken, Shane, Mark, Liz, Marge

  • Kevin emailed the group that he will be in contact with Marge and Mitch about the site's task list
  • [After meeting] Sudha fixed the URL problem that Dave's tool was having in connecting to the site.


  • Shane confirms that it's a routine problem that users forget both the username and email address associated with their primary account, so that the password reset page doesn't help. His standard workaround is to pretend to create a new e-Lab account for them, since that process identifies users of a given city/state/school.
  • Liz draws attention to the Student Groups Resource page. This was created to encourage collaboration, but could also be a alternative solution to Shane's problem above. It's agreed that primary teacher logins should be indicated (by bolding or some sort of symbol). Joel thinks this change is feasible and will work on it.
  • A user working with Carolin Schwerdt has reported a problem with the guest login. Joel confirmed that guest login through the Teacher Home page works, but it does not on some other pages, including the "just logged out" page. He's already working on fixing it.
  • Joel confirms that user session data, including storage directories, are determined at the time of login. Thus, users who use multiple e-Labs may find their data stored in non-intuitive places. This should be fixable.



  • Mark thinks something like an administrator function to easily access all DAQ numbers would be quite useful. He'll email Joel with details.
  • Sudha is working on the Δt code for the Shower Analysis and expects to make more progress today.
  • Sudha reports that the user having trouble using EQUIP on a Raspberry Pi has been resolved.


A new VM i2u2-jupyter should be up by the end of the day. Developer logins won't be available until Joel determines and installs an appropriate authentication method. This should take a week or two.



Ken thinks May or June is the best target for a Minerνa masterclass, and Shane agrees that a narrower timeframe isn't fixable yet. Ken plans to re-apply impulse to both Minerνa and MicroBooNE, noting that the latter is shaping up to be a more instrumentation-oriented masterclass with focus on detector, multiplicity, and background characterization.

World Wide Data Day

World Wide Data Day (yesterday, Nov 14) exceeded Ken and Shane's expectations. Both report positive feedback from teachers. There were 17 total videoconferences and impressive contributions from the moderators. Shane suggests incorporating the experience into a workshop, particularly a 3-day one, and Ken suggests it would make a good Data Portfolio level 2 activity.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-11-15


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