Meeting Notes for 8 November

Present: Sudha, Joel, Ken, Shane, Mark, Liz

  • Sudha shows an example of something about images hardcoded into the page body, which is not the best way to do it. We'll need someone at Xeno Media to show us how to do it differently.
  • Ken suggests increasing the default font and maybe removing text from the About QuarkNet page to make it more readable.
  • We should encourage, and perhaps systematize, centers with separate web pages linking to these pages prominently on their page.
  • The "About the e-Labs" page is nearly ready to move to production. Ken and Shane should provide input on "How to get an e-Lab account" instructions. After discussion, the consensus is that e-Lab registration would best be handled via a form on that emails the responsible parties. The e-Labs site itself will link to this form.


  • It's agreed that the proposed new e-Lab account request form (see above) should not be tied to a particular e-Lab, in order to reinforce the idea that a single account works for all e-Labs. To make sure this is consistent, Joel will check the code to ensure
    • A user's plots and posters are saved to the e-Lab where they're created, not to where the user logged in
    • Student accounts can remain restrictable by e-Lab
    • The address isn't used for any other purpose (if not we can drop it)
  • Shane notes that clarifying city/state might be useful. When users forget login names, it's common to look them up by city/state/school, but many users use home addresses instead of school addresses.
  • Seriously, the Flash videos in the e-Labs need to be updated to HTML5. This might make a good student summer project?


Ken reports attending an event at IPPOG last week where representatives of Atlas and CMS demonstrated data analysis using Jupyter Notebooks. He distributed a link to the CMS JNBs.


  • Ken has found that personal interaction is more effective at identifying members who aren't using their CRDs and encouraging them to return them to Fermilab. We should encourage Leadership Fellows to do this, especially during the summer workshop season, and even include it during any future Fellows Workshop.
  • Sudha's working with a help request from a user having trouble using EQUIP on a Raspberry Pi.





Liz plans to retire before the end of the year. We should be sure to identify any materials she has that we need to save, like original versions of animations used in the e-Labs. She suggests archiving her QuarkNet folder and leaving a copy with Sudha, which it's agreed would be a good idea.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-11-08


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