Meeting Notes for 1 November

Present: Sudha, Joel, Ken, Shane, Tom

  • Ken and Shane ask Sudha to set something about the Friday Flyer back to the way it was earlier this year [missed what it was - Joel]
  • Sudha reports that Senem and Kevin should meet sometime in the next week to discuss how to handle our list of current tasks for the site. Sudha and Marge created a second sheet on the Spreadsheet to sort the remaining tasks.
  • Shane reports complimentary feedback from the Leadership Fellows on the site, including positive assessments of its usability and the accessibility of the How-To section.


  • A teacher found a quirk in the CMS interface when adding parameters under the "Correlated charts" tab. Tom claims it as an action item.
  • Ken, Marge, and Tom are currently at CERN for IPPOG and collaborating in person on CMS issues.


Sudha's working on the Δt code for Shower Analysis.


  • Tom and Marge are working on a questions/proto-requirements document on creating Jupyter Notebooks with CMS data. Tom will make a couple more notebooks, since the ones he has currently aren't designed for students.
  • Joel obtained a working installation of JupyterHub on i2u2-wiki under the URL Still working on error messages and refinements.


Joel is still reading source code when he can get the time. Currently examining the i2u2tools package's data conversion classes.


  • Shane and Ken are eager to move faster, currently waiting on some data from Rochester.
  • The output plot for the current data isn't as nice a Gaussian as Ken would like. There's still work to be done there.


  • Masterclass scheduling polls for CERN have filled up quickly; Fermilab schedules have filled less quickly. There are currently 7 moderators signed up, and Ken is looking to recruit a few more.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-11-01


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