Meeting Notes for 25 October

Present: Sudha, Mark, Joel, Marge, Ken

  • Sudha has created an About the e-Labs page on staging; Ken provides feedback, suggests pop-ups
  • Sudha added new groups under the "Tools" menu (inside the login wall)
  • Ken and Sudha note that a list of Center Admins and all Friday Flyers would be useful. Joel suggests figuring out how to get them from the site database. [update: did that after the meeting]


Ken and Marge will be at CERN next week and will catch up with Tom on CMS issues in person


  • Karin Foss had some trouble getting her CRD back up and running this school year. Nate Unterman helped her out via the Help Desk.
  • There's some discussion of whether a more formal process for handling the Help Desk is warranted. Consensus is that the current system of relying on staff members and users to pitch in as able through the mailing list works well enough.
  • With the Eclipse efforts mostly settled, Mark will return to working on data sharing with CREDO


Joel is reading source code. Currently examining the i2u2tools package's LIGOFiles.compareTo() for irregularities.


  • Joel obtained a working installation of JupyterHub on i2u2-wiki and is working on refinements.
  • Adam suggests that a typical use case will be ~30 separate, simultaneous logins, either with a class of students or in a workshop. Based on this, Joel will start considering authentication options later this week or next week.


Joel will update/upgrade/reboot the core VM's this weekend (probably Friday midnight) because it's been awhile. He'll email the users.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-10-25


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