Meeting Notes for 18 October

Present: Sudha, Senem, Mark, Tom, Joel, Marge, Shane, Ken

Sudha and Senem discuss several issues to look at soon, including
  • Getting a hit count for the Friday Flyer from the "stats" module of Drupal core
  • How to auto-logout inactive users, though Ken and Shane indicate they like being able to stay logged in
  • Automate putting all Friday Flyers in the Friday Flyers group
  • Possibly putting a link to the search box at the bottom of the page into the menu
  • Filter the "How-to" pages by user type (regular, group admin, and site admin)
  • Moving the title closer to the top of the page
  • Something about Maps on the development site


Tom reports good progress on Higgs events in the 2012 data. He has most event types represented and will have H -> 4l ready in a few months. He plans to meet with Ken and Marge at IPPOG


Sudha has been working on Δ-t code for the shower analysis


Mike Watniss suggested an activity to compare seismic background data with interferometer data during the publicized gravity wave detection events over the past year.


Ken participated in a videoconference with the LHC fellows yesterday where MINERνA data was viewed. Server load is a persistent problem so far.


Joel's working on installing JupyterHub on i2u2-wiki and reading the i2u2tools package of the LIGO e-Lab to track down conversion and/or plotting errors.


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