Meeting Notes for 20 September

Present: Sudha, Senem, Tom, Joel, Ken, Shane


  • We're still making some tweaks, but the site transition is essentially complete. Users are using the site.
  • Bill Gabella reported a problem with a disappearing report. It's just a visibility setting; Sudha will assist him.
  • Some problem with webforms still needs to be sorted out, maybe relating to the choice of FROM addresses. Sudha and Senem will work on it.
  • Sudha will fix the link to on the front page of the e-Labs
  • The Table of Contents for the How-To group is quite large and may need subdivision


  • CERN Open Data's next release (2012 data) will be at the end of October. Tom reports that the DESY group at CERN is working to reproduce Higgs -> 4 lepton events. These will make a great resource for Jupyter Notebooks and the e-Lab, as well as a potential future Higgs Masterclass. He also reports that the Higgs group has been compiling a list of Higgs event candidates of different types (b-bbar, tau-Zed, gamma-gamma, etc). These will also be useful.
  • Tom will meet with Adam LaMee about CMS Jupyter Notebooks while Adam is at CERN next week. We'll set up a videoconference with him for the week after. In the meantime, Joel will start reading Adam's Notebooks to determine what kind of data architecture they would warrant as hosted from QuarkNet servers


Sudha relays that Mark thinks the EclipseFormat effort was successful and notes lots of users for it.


Minerva has sent Ken access to CSV files of events. With data in hand, we can start figuring out the best way to work with them.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-09-20


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