Meeting Notes for 6 September

Present: Sudha, Senem, Joel, Mark, Ken, Shane, Tom


  • Transition is happening smoothly. Senem has migrated final data from DCommons to D7 Staging site and pulled the D7 data to i2u2-quarknet. Sudha is re-applying her changes to the master branch and plans to finish by the end of the day. At that time, Senem will re-synch the database and the site will be available at
  • We'll need an ! address for password reset emails. Joel will arrange this with Senem.
  • Ken, Shane, Mark and Jeremy will begin contacting fellows to arrange for testing on Friday. Sudha's How-To Guide for the new site is the best place for them to start.
  • Ken suggests making a "Friday Flyer" group to archive them. Shane agrees.
  • Ken and Sudha discuss problems with the D7 staging site. Something is empty that shouldn't be empty. They form a theory; Sudha will rebuild the missing items on the master branch.


  • Joel hasn't contacted Adam LaMee about the data backing the CMS Jupyter Notebooks. He'll probably be able to work on it in a week or so. Adam will be at CERN later in the month; Tom expects to meet with him to discuss the JNBs.
  • Ken and Shane have suggestions for fixes to the CMS e-Lab. Tom will take a look and provide an estimate for their fixability.
  • Ken suggests changing the Masterclass dataset to have 10%-20% Drell-Yan events. Tom replies that the data should be there, so it's doable.


  • Sudha deployed changes to the eclipseFormat files to production on Friday and requests feedback. Mark reports that it looks good, though he didn't check exact rates.
  • Mark reports 50 groups in the US and 3 other countries took data during the eclipse. This includes about 40 "official" CRD setups. There are about 60 datasets, with more expected. He's had requests from users for more rate combinations to be included in the software, but he thinks it would be a better learning experience to use the macros in the Excel spreadsheet he, Sudha, and Nate Unterman created. Mark and Sudha will discuss creating a tutorial for this.
  • Mark is currently searching for eclipse data-takers from outside of the UIC group to participate in a piece for Symmetry. He'll email Mitch to coordinate PR efforts for the project.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-09-06


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