Meeting Notes for 16 August

Present: Sudha, Joel, Liz, Senem, Marge, Tom


We're still on for transitioning servers the first week of September.
  • We should coordinate tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines among ourselves
    • Senem:
      • Copy site files and databases to i2u2-quarknet (DB's to i2u2-db?)
      • Change link references in the source code
      • Do final import to sync data from Rackspace before going live
    • Sudha:
      • Copy files
      • Recreate changes to master branch
      • Put together tutorial material from Ken's notes
    • Joel:
      • Manage DNS change and HTTP Redirects from the to
      • SSL certificates?
    • Shane & Ken
      • Handle advertising to the user base.
      • Consider a videoconference to demonstrate features of the site to users
  • Ken and Sudha's "Opportunities for QuarkNet Teachers" draft page is up for feedback.

Senem has looked into the current site's problem of not sending password-reset emails. The site is sending, but some select e-mail service providers aren't receiving them. Could be Pantheon blocking the send, or could be service providers filtering as spam. At this point, it's near moot, so we'll table the problem unless there are more user complaints (there's only been one so far).

Senem will also find out which server the site is hosted from and email Marge. Randy wanted to know.


  • Sudha finished the Visual Basic work needed for the eclipse project
  • Sudha finished changes to the eclipseFormat data file to work with Adam's Jupyter Notebooks.

Everything seems ready to go for the eclipse!

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-08-16


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