Meeting Notes for 9 August

Present: Sudha, Joel, Liz, Senem, Marge


  • Senem explains that the best way to change hardcoded links to relative path links is to find-and-replace in the text of a database dump, which is best done at the time of transition.
  • Marge proposes that we target the first week of September for the transition to QuarkNet servers, since workshops should be finished by Labor Day (4 Sept). Senem, Sudha and Joel consider this feasible.
  • We will coordinated effort to educate users about the transition.
    • Shane and Ken will handle advertising to the user base.
    • Sudha will put together tutorial material based off of Ken's notes from earlier in the summer
    • Shane and Ken should consider scheduling a videoconference to demonstrate features of the site to users, perhaps during the proposal meeting at Fermilab in late September.

  • Ken and Sudha's "Opportunities for QuarkNet Teachers" draft page is up for feedback.
  • Senem will look into the current site's problem of not sending password-reset emails.


Joel, Sudha and Adam had a phone conference on Monday. We should be able to host the eclipseFormat files for Adam's Jupyter notebooks on the e-Lab servers, though we may copy them to a different area. Joel is working on implementing it. Sudha is placing a large sample file on i2u2-dev for testing. We expect to deploy changes related to the eclipse this Friday.


  • ND Affiliates - People who aren't ND faculty/staff but need access to the QuarkNet servers have to renew their affiliate status yearly, which caused problems when Sudha's access was dropped without warning this week. Joel will find out when the renewal deadline is for Tom, Mark, Senem and Kerry and work out a system to make sure everyone is aware of their deadline and how to renew.
  • e-Labs breaking - The Red Hat Enterprise Linux that runs on our bare-metal servers contains bugs in its latest update that affect the software used to mount filesystems. This is why the physics data on i2u2-store01 keeps getting cut off from i2u2-data and the e-Labs. RHEL is working on a the problem, and the CRC engineers are monitoring it. Until it's fixed, alert Joel if you notice any potential data flow problem.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-08-09


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