Meeting Notes for 2 August

Present: Sudha, Joel, Liz, Senem


  • Senem reports that a URL redirect to the new isn't possible via .htaccess files. She'll look for another method, like text replacement.
  • Ken and Sudha have changed the "QuarkNet Summer Programs" block to "Opportunities for QuarkNet Teachers" on the front page. Ken put together a rough draft of a "What QuarkNet Teachers do" page for this to link to and requested review and notes via email.
  • The still frame from the video on the front page has been fixed.


We will deploy some games files to production this coming Friday night.


Joel, Mark, Sudha and Tom are working on data service for Adam LaMee's Jupyter notebooks for the eclipse. The notebooks will be used through to read in static eclipseFormat files generated by Sudha's additions to the Shower Analysis. Students will use the notebooks to generate additional files, which will need storage and some form of access by other notebooks. As of now, the two leading ideas for serving these files are
  • a separate instance of Apache on the QuarkNet VMs
  • doing everything through GitHub

Sudha will send Joel a sample file of the eclipseFormat .csv. Joel will arrange a teleconference with Sudha, Mark and Adam.


  • Over the past week, we discovered that Notre Dame OIT no longer allows our servers at the CRC to send emails with non-ND return addresses. This affects the password-reset/username-retrieval function for all e-Labs and the data upload function of Cosmic. Joel changed the return address from to, which allows the password reset emails to be sent. Note that users cannot reply to this address.
  • Most major functions of the e-Labs site broke today. Joel traced it to a broken mount from i2u2-store01 to the /disks/ directory on other VMs. It turned out to be a byproduct of the upgraded NFS packages included with RHEL 7.04, to which i2u2-store01 automatically upgraded yesterday. The CRC fixed it.

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