Meeting Notes for 26 July

Present: Sudha, Mark, Joel, Liz, Senem


  • Sudha is changing grey backgrounds to transparent on several pages. Senem recommends doing this through style sheets.
  • There are several links hard-coded into the site. We'll want these to point to the new live URL Senem will take care of it.
  • Ken had wanted to discuss changes to some elements of the "For Students" section of the homepage. The "Single Photons" link points to the older, for example. Tabled until he's able to join (he's at AAPT today).
  • The "QuarkNet Summer Programs" box on the homepage is currently a link back to the homepage. Where should it point? Should we create a new page to coordinate summer activities? Discussion tabled until Ken can give input.


Joel, Mark, Sudha and Tom are working on data service for Adam LaMee's Jupyter notebooks for the August eclipse. The notebooks will be used through to read in static eclipseFormat files generated by Sudha's additions to the Shower Analysis. Students will use the notebooks to generate additional files, which will need storage and some form of access by other notebooks. As of now, the two leading ideas for serving these files are
  • a separate instance of Apache on the QuarkNet VMs
  • doing everything through GitHub
Joel will look into GitHub to see how closely their free accounts can match Adam's requirements. We will need to estimate a number of users, number of input/output files, and typical size of input/output files.


There have been multiple errors involving users who are unable to login or reset passwords, often at workshops. These are likely the result of errors in the e-Lab user database (things that aren't email addresses being stored as email addresses, for example). The standard workaround is to create a new user account, but it's preferable to find and fix the database error, if possible. Everyone should let Joel know about any errors like this so the underlying data errors can get fixed.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-07-26


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