Meeting Notes for 19 July

Present: Sudha, Mark, Tom, Joel, Ken, Liz


  • Another migration this week was pretty successful, with a few clean-up tasks handled easily. More detail in th Basecamp email exchange.
  • Ken will organize with some of the Fellows to go through and look for tweaks and other things that need to be changed, like writeups.


  • Tom drew attention to some A-Frame WebVR content of CERN facilities at for demonstration, with suggested use as visual aids during Masterclasses. He couldn't find something similar for Fermilab, but Mark agrees it's worth investigating.
  • Ken suggests that we curtail plans for major changes to the CMS Masterclass this year in favor of polishing what exists and exploring the addition of new data by next summer, perhaps diphoton events or 4-lepton combinatorics explorable through Jupyter Notebooks. Tom agrees.
  • We should also put more serious effort into developing offline versions of CIMA and the Event Display.


  • Joel, Mark and Sudha are starting work on fileserver capabilities to back Adam LaMee's Jupyter Notebooks for Eclipse data analysis.
  • 25 groups are officially registered for the eclipse project, now just over a month away, with ~10 participating without official registration. Mark is making plans to be available on Skype and Facebook Live to provide expertise prior to and during the event.
  • Karin Foss managed to resolve her geometry file/CR data checkbox problem by experimentation, we're not sure how.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-07-19


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