Meeting Notes for 12 July

Present: Senem, Sudha, Joel, Liz, Mark


Changes to the site are now mostly content tweaks and administrative adjustments. Sudha and Senem are working on a few issues with links and project maps.



  • Sudha has completed the Eclipse Rate Tool that backends on the Shower Analysis. The data will be written to an Excel file, and Mark, Sudha, and Nate Unterman are working on a macro for students to use for analysis.
  • The Eclipse project is going well. Mark reports 20 participants plus some CR Fellows. Liz suggests seeking cooperation with Spencer and with the Fermilab Office of Communication to increase publicity; Mark agrees and will contact them.
  • CREDO has chosen a .science URL for their project, which Notre Dame has blocked and will not unblock. Joel will look for workarounds to join the list and have emails forwarded to any developer who's interested.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-07-12


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