Meeting Notes for 21 June

Present: Mark, Sudha, Joel, Liz, Marge, Ken


  • Kevin and Mitch discussed and resolved the added cost of delaying the rollout until September
  • Xeno Media will transfer remaining files from the old site to the new one today


  • The new interface is working well. Ken and Sudha have found several dead links in the Project Map; Sudha will fix them.
  • Ken put tutorials and links for the new interface on the Drupal site.


  • Ken noticed that the instructional materials on the e-Labs site for the Muon Lifetime Study differ from his own approach, and are also old. Mark agrees that they should (and will) be updated.
  • Last week's workshop at UTK generated several Help Desk Requests, most of which Mark was able to trace to a faulty DAQ. Dave will ship a replacement.
  • DOE has some sort of conservation policy that automatically powers down computers at Fermilab after a period of disuse. This has caused problems with taking CR data overnight. Mark will investigate whether disconnecting from the network and/or seeking an exemption from the policy will settle the issue. Ken and Liz point out that several schools have similar policies, and that we should integrate warnings about it into our instructional materials for teachers with detectors. Ken notes that avoiding this is another benefit of using Raspberry Pis with the DAQs.
  • Sudha has the Eclipse file format (shower output indexed by time) complete. She and Mark will now work on ways to calculate rate from the data using Excel while Adam develops something similar using Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Ken reports that Kazuo Tanaka in Japan is preparing a unique Shower Study with two sets of two stacked detectors separated by ~400km. Kazuo wrote a ROOT script for analysis, and we may wish to convert this to Python for our own purposes. Mark notes that stacked detectors will not provide significant background reduction at that separation, but he agrees that it sounds like an excellent learning experience. He'll join in by email.
  • Joel will roll back his Δt changes on the Shower Analysis on i2u2-dev to avoid interfering with Sudha's Eclipse file development.
  • Karin Foss's checkbox/geometry file problem and CREDO's data upload remain unresolved so far


  • XSS vulnerabilities in the e-Lab code are now fixed on both i2u2-dev and i2u2-prod.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-06-21


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