Meeting Notes for 7 June

Present: Mark, Sudha, Joel


  • Data transfer and re-sync between the old and new sites is pending.


  • Sudha has updated many of the resource items on the e-Lab to reflect the new interface.
  • Tom fixed a bug regarding "blacked-out" drag-and-drop on the correlated plots.


  • Joel and Mark will continue to look into Karin Foss's checkbox problem. She uploaded a non-empty geometry file, but her "No Geo" tag problems persist.
  • The Eclipse project has had 10 sign-ups now that the Drupal/Google materials are public. Mark expects more as the summer progresses. Mark is amending the mailing list for the project, since known interested parties don't line up with cre-labusers@fnal well enough. Liz and LaMargo helped re-organize the existing data, and Joel will help dig through the databases for more emails.
  • Mark is in the process of reviewing the CREDO group's use of sample cosmic ray data and of evaluating some problems with CRDs in Hawaii.
  • Sudha continues work on the Eclipse output data format. Mark has a workshop at UIC next week where he will test the design of the physical detector setup.


  • Joel continues fixing XSS vulnerabilities in the e-Lab code. 243 has been reduced to 109, with further reduction expected with an upcoming re-scan.
  • Sudha will deploy CMS resources and possibly more XSS fixes to production on Saturday evening.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-06-07


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