Meeting Notes for 31 May

Present: Liz, Mark, Kevin, Marge, Tom, Joel, Ken


  • Kevin will put together a summary of the implications on timing, re-syncing, hosting and cost of maintaining the two sites until a September rollout of the new site.
  • Items like the planned re-sync to import missing data will wait until Sudha returns.
  • Overall, everyone is pleased with how the look-and-feel of the site is converging.
  • Sudha has an outstanding request for feedback on the About QuarkNet staging page (login required)


  • The new interface was deployed this past Friday. Tom and Ken have noted a couple of issues that Tom will fix in the CSS
    • Click-and-drag on some plots drags a black box instead of a transparent image of the plot section
    • Axes are too thick
  • Tom will do a more thorough testing tomorrow
  • Liz notes that we need fresh instructional materials for the new e-Lab/interface - how to save plots, for example. Ken will compile notes and collaborate with Sudha on some screencasts in the coming weeks. We can also get rid of older material, like calibration studies.
  • Ken notes that a portable version of the Event Display would have been helpful in Ethiopia and will likely be helpful in Chile, as well as other places where internet availability is inconsistent. Such a thing exists, and Tom will supply Ken with one to forward to Uta.
  • Tom notes that someone at ATLAS Outreach is using VR content of accelerator events at a Southeast Asia physics school in Kathmandu, Nepal. She's inquired with him about CMS content. Tom suggests that this would be a good tool for us to employ ourselves. He'll report at the end of June about how it worked for ATLAS outreach.


  • Joel will look into Karin Foss's checkbox problem today.
  • Mark suggests that Joel and Sudha should keep a copy of the summer workshop schedule to help plan maintenance and code changes (Joel seconds)
  • The Eclipse project now has a page on the Drupal site and a Google site
  • An unexpected number of people who intend to participate in the Eclipse project are not on the cre-labusers@fnal mailing list. Mark and Dave will go over the list to update it where necessary.
  • Sudha is making an SD card to use with Raspberry Pi's as part of the Eclipse equipment setup. She has also made progress on the analysis tool - it's not part of the e-Lab yet, but close to being able to be included.
  • Adam LaMee is working on Jupyter notebooks for the Eclipse project that will generate .csv data from the output of the Cosmic e-Lab's Shower Analysis.
  • Mark will review the CREDO group's use of sample cosmic ray data later this week.


Joel's working on fixing the XSS vulnerabilities that ND OIT found in the code. Fixing one flaw in one of the JSP login files has taken care of several of the identified weaknesses; OIT is re-scanning to see how many while Joel fixes the PHP Help Desk form. Expect deployment this weekend, probably Friday.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-05-31


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