Meeting Notes for 24 May

Present: Sudha, Liz, Mark, Kevin, Marge, Tom, Shane, Joel


  • Liz reports that Jim will update the aspect ratio of the postcard frame of the video
  • We are nearing readiness to roll out the new site. However, Shane has asked that we wait until September to deploy, in order to avoid disrupting summer workshops (Mark seconds). Kevin points out that it will be expensive to maintain two sites that long, especially the paid support for the EOL D6 site on Pantheon. The exact cost depends on how many patches are released between now and September; he'll provide a rough estimate to Marge. There is some discussion of whether an early June release might be possible, but it's generally agreed that we'll delay until September.
  • Shane distributes a document link from Ken that lists the ways we expect Fellows to be able to use the site. This will serve as a measure of how ready the new site is for use.
  • Sudha reports data from the old site that is not yet available on the new site. Kevin asks for a comprehensive consolidation of notes on missing items. Sudha started a running list in Basecamp.
  • Sudha has asked for feedback on the About QuarkNet staging page (login required)


  • The LHC Fellows examined the new interface on the development server during the meeting at Fermilab this past weekend. They provided notes, but the consensus was that it's ready to deploy in its current state. Tom will send Joel a list of files to move from the development branch to production branch, and Joel will deploy Friday night.
  • The Fellows had requests for tablet support for the Event Display.
  • Tom asks about hosting Jupyter notebooks on the ELabs servers. Joel thinks it should be possible but needs to read up on what would be required.
  • Tom is considering introducing more .csv data from the 2011 CERN Open Data release. It will include more event types with more parameters. He's discussing it with Ken.


  • Mark and Adam LaMee will set up a Jupyter notebook for the Eclipse project to generate .csv data from the output of the Cosmic e-Lab's Shower Analysis.
  • Nathan and Mark will distribute Google Docs and Drupal site documents supporting the Eclipse project in the coming days.


Since Saturday, developers and users have reported that student and guest logins to the Cosmic Ray e-Lab are not functioning. Joel has found the same to be true of LIGO logins. Mike Hirsh found a workaround that students can still login to the CMS e-Lab and then move to Cosmic. If Joel can't find the error and fix it today, he'll redeploy the production site.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-05-31


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