Meeting Notes for 17 May

Present: Sudha, Marge, Mark, Ken, Liz, Joel


  • Sudha and Xeno Media developers had a productive meeting at Fermilab on Monday. Sudha has made several improvements to the staging site, and XM established a working branch of the repository for her.
  • XM is still bringing over images.
  • Problems remain with the aspect ratio of the postcard frame of the embedded video. Liz, Sudha and Marge will look into it and confer with Jim at Fermilab's Creative Services.
  • Joel will contact Kerry to finalize her CRC account and i2u2-quarknet login.


  • The current development interface is about ready to rollout. Ken will contact Tom about any further tests that need to be done and about committing the files to the 4.0-ND-prod branch. If everything is in order, the new interface will be deployed Saturday morning.
  • Ken got a request from Santiago about using CIMA during workshops there in June


  • Nathan and Mark finalized two standard designs for detector stands and instructions for the August eclipse project. They also created a Google Doc and an eclipse page on the Drupal site for coordinating participants and data.
  • Sudha and Mark are still working on implementing postprocessing of rates from the Shower Analysis for eclipse data.
  • Mark will review CREDO's work with the sample data later this week, Monday if possible.


Ken hosted a meeting at Fermilab on Monday of participants in the neutrino Masterclass development. Development is still mostly conceptual, with no concrete data architecture proposed.
  • The first stage will be developing Kevin McFarland's work with Minerνa into a Masterclass to be rolled out in spring 2018. The event display already exists and has been tested, but with limited numbers of users. Kevin has added more data to it.
  • We will need a solution similar to CIMA for data analysis. For the rollout, Google Docs might work, though they can strain under too many users. Since we'll be working more on CIMA in Q4 2017, we may be able to adapt what we need from it. We'll keep discussing ideas as data requirements take form.


The VMs and physical servers will be down for at least some of the 8AM - 11AM EDT block on Saturday, May 20 for annual CRC maintenance. Upgrades to our servers will include
  • package updates/upgrades to the underlying OS of the VMs
  • OS package updates/upgrades to the VMs themselves
  • deployment of XSS patches for view-common.jsp on i2u2-prod, as well as any other similar vulnerabilities discovered by then
  • deployment of the CMS interface to production

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-05-17


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