Meeting Notes for 3 May

Present: Sudha, Kevin, Joel, Liz, Marge, Mark, Ken


  • Ken will get on the Groups testing this week.
  • Sudha has created a form for teachers to inquire about joining. We will discuss options for having the form data emailed and saved to a database as the site develops.
  • There are several notes pending in Basecamp, including ideas about the front page navbar and layout quirks at certain screen sizes. Xeno Media and Sudha will work on these.
  • There's a remaining problem with the video having a frontpiece image of the wrong aspect ratio. This might require Jim to re-upload the video to YouTube to fix. XM will look into it.

Web Domain

Kevin supports the use of for the new site. He suggests leaving DNS pointed to and redirecting to as an initial setup. We may also do something similar with the e-Labs site.


Rolling out updated code to the e-Lab is delayed to the mid-May / early June range. Ken has received many inquiries about CMS summer workshops, so updating the e-Lab remains a priority despite the delay.


  • Mark has been focused on preparing materials and organization for the August eclipse, with an unofficial deadline of next Wednesday (May 10). After that, he'll be able to provide attention to
    • Identifying a canonical dataset to help troubleshoot issues with the e-Lab analyses
    • Reviewing Joel's Δt code
    • Reviewing the CREDO group's work with the sample data to determine that they're equipped to use our data in its current form. Joel is ready to setup the rsync when appropriate.
  • Sudha has created an "eclipse data" file out of the Shower Analysis "eventCandidates" file. She will now work on the code to process data from one to the other.

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