Meeting Notes for 12 April

Present: Sudha, Tom, Marge, Ken, Joel


Kevin couldn't join but solicited that group feedback on the site so far be posted to Basecamp. Sudha will organize this.
  • Marge and others consider the constant rotation of images at the top of the page to be distracting. Sudha suggests changing to a manual page-through of the photos, to general agreement.
  • LaMargo added Sudha to the list. Currently it goes to her, Marge and LaMargo.
  • We've arranged a conference call with Xeno Media after next week's telecon, 11:00AM CDT/12:00PM EDT on Wed, 19 Apr.


  • Ken and Tom have been working closely on improvements to the CMS e-Lab. They have no major milestones to report this week.
  • CMS Masterclasses are over for the year.


Shower Δt

  • Δt feature for the Shower Analysis was rolled out to production over the weekend. So far, testing has been positive.


  • Sudha, Mark and Joel are working an "eclipse data" output file for the e-Lab analysis. Major tasks are to develop the code logic and to integrate it into the analysis software.


  • The Cracow group is helping Joel obtain an account on their PL-Grid servers, with some difficulty due to the language barrier.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-04-12


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