Meeting Notes for 5 April

Present: Sudha, Mark, Marge, Ken, Liz, Joel, Tom


  • Kevin couldn't join but will provide updates to BaseCamp
  • Marge has supplied an alternate logo with white background and red lettering to try out
  • Liz and Marge raised discussion of how well the site serves its purpose of advertising and promoting QuarkNet.
    • The "Join us!" links (and concept) should be more prominent.
    • The panels of boxes should be re-sorted.
      • Upper panel: three boxes highlighting the Data Portfolio, Masterclasses, and e-Labs, since these are of interest to teachers generally.
      • Lower panel: four boxes targeted "For teachers," "For students," "For researchers," and the summer research programs, which only members of QuarkNet can participate in.
  • No one knows exactly what's up with the address. Marge gets emails sent to it, but no one else in the developers group does. Tom Jordan probably did. Sudha definitely should, and maybe the rest of the developers group? We'll check with LaMargo about it.


  • Ken and Tom have been discussing upgrades to the e-Lab. The plotting interface on i2u2-dev is technically ready to move to i2u2-prod, but plot saving and some other functions are still difficult. The current plan is to deploy it in two phases:
    1. As-is, with instruction bubbles for plot saving (targeting end of May for this)
    2. Focus on fixing problems, like making plot saving easier.
  • Tom is generating some more csv files for the e-Lab. He'll also construct a Jupyter notebook for distribution, which might make a good prototype for a CMS Tier 4 element of the Data Portfolio.


Shower Δt

  • Δt feature for the Shower Analysis is up on i2u2-dev.
    • 1 and 3 detector Shower Analyses work as expected for Joel, but he got random analysis errors when trying 2.
    • Mark was able to get a 2-detector Analysis to work fine.
    • More testing this week, then rollout to production this weekend if all looks good.


  • Mark's working on an advertisement to send to mentors about the project. He'll follow this up with one to the Cosmic e-Lab users email list to get teachers' attention before the end of the school year.
  • Mark is gathering feedback from the Cosmic Ray Fellows about his plan for systematics and detector configuration.
  • Sudha and Mark are working on some postprocessing ideas for analyzing the data.


  • Following International Muon Week, Mark has seen strong demand for the collected data and projects based on it.
  • No update on the Cracow group since last week. Joel's waiting to see if he can get an account on their server, and Mark wants to make sure they can recreate an analysis with the sample files they have.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-04-05


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