Meeting Notes for 29 March

Present: Sudha, Mark, Marge, Ken, Liz, Joel


  • Kevin couldn't join but will provide updates later in the week.
  • Sudha has edited the image feature at the top of the Home Page to allow for a broader variety of pictures, including group photos.
  • Some dissatisfaction with the bright white navbar obscuring and distracting from the image compared to the Notre Dame and Fermilab home page navbars, as well as the solid black background on the logo. Sudha will try out some changes to these.


Pressure Correction

  • This will requires postprocessing of the Flux output.
  • Mark would like to make deeper changes to the Flux Analysis along these lines. Liz recalls that Edit was working on similar rate and atmospheric analysis code, so we should look into the development code.


  • Mark put together an Excel sheet showing the type of postprocessing that needs to be done to the Shower output. Sudha will work through it and decide whether Excel alone is sufficient for students to use, or if we should write a Python script to streamline it.
  • Mark finished a draft plan for systematics and detector organization for the Eclipse. He'll seek feedback from the Cosmic Ray Fellows.
  • Liz suggests adding the same function to the e-Lab itself so that students can make plots, etc.
  • On the subject of the eclipse, Liz suggests that Drasko Jovanovic might host students on his property in Driggs, Idaho, which will be see 100% eclipse totality. Ken points out that the Idaho State group in Pocatello has strong Cosmic Ray involvement and might participate effectively. Marge, Liz and Mark will follow up.


  • Mark will help Michael Jones with his flux problem, but he suspects it may be a big project.
  • Mark doesn't see a problem with Martin Shaffer's Raspberry Pi data. He, Sudha, and Ken will discuss his Help Desk request.
  • No update on the Cracow group since last week. Joel's waiting to see if he can get an account on their server, and Mark want to make sure they can recreate an analysis with the sample files they have.
  • Sudha reports that Marlo got EQUIP working on her Windows computer with the help of some custom scripts. I didn't catch most of the rest of this discussion.
  • Lots of progress on improved Δt feature for the Shower Analysis. Expect a functioning example on the development server by the end of the week.


  • Ken thinks it's time to plan integrating the new Event Display into the CMS e-Lab. He'll confer with Tom.
  • Adding a CIMA function to auto-fill the histogram might be useful, if it can be done without obscuring the learning process. He suggests an option to fill the diphoton and dilepton events manually, and then fill in the rest automatically. He'll confer with the LHC Fellows next week.
  • CIMA page.

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