Meeting Notes for 15 March

Present: Sudha, Mark, Marge, Ken, Tom, Kevin, Liz, Joel


  • Kevin reports that we're close to having the theme and content integrated. We should be able to see the home page with content by the end of the week. He'll post to BaseCamp to solicit the needed content.
  • Xeno Media will try a couple of things for a new logo and have samples soon.
  • The group photo for the home page isn't working. The crop on the upper border doesn't leave enough room for navigation buttons. Marge will look for the original to see if it can be re-cropped, and XM will switch to using a CMS event graphic in the meantime.
  • Sudha will start working with the Drupal Form-Builder module to create webforms for the site that pipe to both email and databases.
  • Marge hasn't heard anything about the home page video. Kevin will contact Jim about it directly.


  • International Muon Week is underway! (March 13-17). Mark reports 30 sign-ups and has created 4-5 new accounts so far. He's scheduling follow-up videoconferences for next week. Ken reports that ND's detector is now up and participating.
  • Glenbard North High School is coordinating a project to measure muon flux during August's upcoming solar eclipse. They'll need a specialized software tool for analyzing rates and combinations of detectors as a function of time. Mark thinks the best way is to adapt Shower Analysis output exported to Excel.
  • Helio et al. at ANL are using Mariachi counters to measure seasonal variation in rates. The Virtual Center will meet at Brookhaven in August and will take the lead in replicating Helio's work. To do that, we'll need a tool to correct for atmospheric pressure.
  • Pressure correction: Mark's idea is to use the data from blessing plots. He'd need access to the intermediate files used to make the plots.


We should get rid of flash. It appears that TinyMCE, used to make posters, uses lots of Flash. This may be something Edit implemented. Also, Google's Swiffy tool for converting Flash to HTML5 is no longer active. Ken reports that the CMS Masterclass page uses Flash and mp4 embedded in jwplayer.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-03-20


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