Meeting Notes for 8 March

Present: Liz, Ken, Sudha, Joel, Mark, Tom


  • Kevin couldn't join the telecon today, but he'll contact Joel with updates by the end of the week. Xeno Media is working on integrating the theme with the groups module.
  • As a future task, Liz recalls that the site's webforms still need to be sorted out. Ken used a Google form this year for the CERN HST applications, and that worked acceptably but somewhat clumsily, with document relays among Ken, Marge, and Anne. Ken wonders if we can QuarkNet/Fermilab-brand a Google form to make it look nicer. Sudha will work on using the Drupal Forms module once XM has the new site in a ready enough state.


  • International Muon Week is next week, March 13-17. Mark reports 20 sign-ups so far, with more promised.
  • Sudha got her instructions for using EQUIP on the RaspberryPi uploaded to the resources page.

Schedule Coordination

Ken points out that QuarkNet participates in multiple yearly events:
  • International Muon Week, scheduled by Mark
  • International Masterclasses, scheduled by Ken and Uta
  • International Cosmic Day, scheduled by Caro at DESY
  • World Wide Data Day, scheduled by Ken
Uta will visit ND in September/October of this year; Ken suggests meeting at Fermilab to coordinate these schedules to minimize interference and maximize effectiveness.


  • Masterclasses are underway. Everything's going well with CIMA and iSpy so far. There are a handful of known quirks and some small problems reported by users, but nothing severe.
  • Ken's making a troubleshooting guide to help users navigate the upgrades. Tom will let Ken know what info (OS, browser, etc.) to try to collect when users do report problems.


  • No news from Joel on e-Lab fixes
  • Ken recalls that Amber, the LIGO outreach coordinator, expressed strong interest in maintaining and improving the e-Lab when he and Shane met with her previously. There's particular interest among all in introducing Data Portfolio Tier 4 activities, perhaps involving interferometer data. The developers agree that if we're going to offer the LIGO e-Lab, it should be fully integrated into the Data Portfolio scheme.


  • Major browsers have revoked trust in StartSSL, the Certificate Authority that issued the SSL certificate for Joel obtained replacement certificates from Let's Encrypt and will make them active on i2u2-prod this weekend.
  • i2u2-dev now has an SSL certificate installed, so https connections should work on it.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-03-08


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