Meeting Notes for 1 March

Present: Liz, Marge, Ken, Sudha, Joel, Mark, Tom


  • Kevin couldn't join the telecon today, but he'll have updates by next week. Xeno Media is still working on integrating the theme with the groups module.
  • We had some glitches yesterday where several pages of the site were not displaying properly, as if CSS was being dropped or low-bandwidth versions were being delivered. Kevin and Senem suggested that this was a connection problem with Pantheon's servers. Marge pointed out it was probably related to a major drop in Amazon's cloud services that day, which Pantheon probably uses. Anyway, it seems to have cleared up on its own within a few hours.


  • On Friday, Mark, Sudha and Joel narrowed down the 1/3+ DAQ problem in the shower analysis to Joel's Δt upgrade. Sudha reverted the code; Joel will fix and re-test the feature.
  • Mark and Joel identified the Cosmic files we'd like to share with our Polish collaborators. Joel will set up a system to rsync files to them.


  • The upgrades to CIMA and iSpy are considered final and in production as of yesterday.
  • Ken had a second "CMS Question Time" this morning, and everything ran smoothly.
  • Tom has a couple of minor tweaks to the iSpy display. Joel will get them moved to i2u2-dev and i2u2-prod today.

CMS Masterclass

  • Masterclasses start today; the first CMS Masterclass is Saturday, March 4 9am-4pm local time at CERN. The first CMS Masterclass at Fermilab will be the following week.
  • Ken has an idea for a Masterclass follow-through project where participants are encouraged to make posters using the CMS e-Lab. The posters will then be evaluated and awarded as a "CMS fair" sort of thing.


Joel ran a new test of the frame-to-stream conversion, but has been sidetracked by CIMA. He intends to evaluate the output of the test and provide updates by next week's teleconference.


We'll deploy some fixes to production on the morning of Sunday, March 5 (overnight Saturday). Sudha will send the email.

Fermilab meetings

  • Sudha, Mark, Marge and Joel met with Matt Bellis and four of his students at Fermilab on Friday to learn about his outreach project Particle Physics Playground. Matt showed us the site and the students demonstrated projects they had completed with it.
  • The side uses Binder, which allows Jupyter notebooks to be run through a browser (no installation). If we do anything along these lines, it will probably have to be with Binder.
  • Matt mentioned continuing general interest in Siena becoming a QN center, but indicated that the time commitment for the first-year summer introduction program has been difficult to schedule.

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