Meeting Notes for 22 February

Present: Liz, Marge, Ken, Sudha, Joel, Mark, Kevin M


  • Xeno Media is working on bringing the theme together with functionality
  • The next step is to enable groups with the applied theme
  • Senem is working on content porting
  • Probably a week away from having a "QuarkNet" look with theme and groups
  • Marge emailed Jim to ask about the video, but he's out until the 27th


In the past week, user Diana G and Mark independently noticed errors with one and 3+ DAQs in the Shower Analysis. Mark has a plan for debugging the problem. He, Sudha and Joel will work on it.

European Tour

  • While in Rome, Mark discussed collaboration with a Polish group doing cosmic ray studies. We will share data with them after we sort out how (raw files, thresh files, wire delays, etc.). They have some nice visual displays we may want to investigate.
  • Marge reports that the group have a citizen science project on Zooniverse. We could contribute data to it without having to worry about analysis tools, etc.
  • Marge and Mark both described their experiences at Zeuthen. They have QuarkNet DAQs, but they don't use PMTs in schools because of voltage safety issues (they use SiPMs) and they don't use detectors outside because of the temperatures. They weren't using our GPS, and we convinced them to do so. They also were not uploading data, which meant that they don't receive corrections. Mark and Marge also made good connections with the Auger Observatory, which has nice visual tools for reconstruction.
  • Marge and Mark came away from their trip with several ideas for experiment and education collaborations. One group based in Germany is willing to host a website to that end. Next week they will confer with Caroline (?) to brainstorm ideas.

Special Cosmic Accounts

Mark asks if special e-Lab accounts would be useful for World Wide Data people. These users will need to see data, but not to run analyses, make posters, or break the system by downloading too much data. The consensus was that this would be more work than it's worth. Ken, Mark and Shane can make e-Lab accounts currently; Mark will be the point person for making accounts for European collaborators.

Marge wonders if we should use "educators" instead of "teachers" to distinguish such users from QN teachers, more in the language used on the website than a technical division of accounts.


  • Tom gave the CMS moderators orientation talk at CERN. He used Ken's slides with modifications. It went well.
  • Ken's CIMA/iSpy question time for the CMS Masterclass revealed several errors with the existing setup. Tom and Joel will get fixes in soon; Tom sent Ken Javascript console debugging advice for a peculiar problem he was having using iSpy with Chrome on his two computers.


Joel ran a new test of the frame-to-stream conversion, but has been sidetracked by CIMA. No news.

Fermilab meetings

Meeting with Matt Bellis 1:00pm CST this Friday at Fermilab. Tom took a look at the site (Particle Physics Playground), and it looked similar to what he'd seen last year. There's lots of potential for collaboration, and the Jupyter notebooks are a great idea. It uses some dimuon data generated for the e-Lab.

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