Meeting Notes for 8 February

Present: Liz, Joel, Ken, Tom, Sudha, Mark, Marge (background)


Kevin and Joel spoke by phone on Friday (Feb 3). Kevin can't attend today but sent notes:
  • XM is currently working on the site's theme
  • Kevin asked Joel to annotate the home page template with a rough idea of content.
    • Joel will draw up a draft on Thursday and circulate it to the other developers. He'll send the best draft available by the end of Friday (the 10th) to Kevin and Jim at that time.
  • Sudha now has a working development VM.
  • Kevin suggests that we maintain a measured pace of development.


  • We deployed improvements to Time-of-Flight and various instructional materials to production last night (the 7th) in preparation for Marge's trip to Rome.
  • Other improvements, including Shower Δt upgrades, will be deployed this coming Friday evening (the 10th) at the normal time.
  • Sudha will check to see if the successful server repair (see below) has shortened the lengthy analysis times for examples used in the Cosmic tutorials.


Ken, Tom and Joel are nearing completion of the latest round of improvements to CIMA and the CMS Masterclass. They set Feb 15th as the rollout date, with Uta providing a hard deadline of Feb 16th.


  • Joel is working on fixing the LIGO e-Lab as full-time as possible
  • Ken suggests adding interferometer data as a 3rd or 4th tier activity as a long-term goal.

Fermilab meetings

  • Mark will meet with user Sami S, who's been having problems with his CR detector and will be in the area Feb 15-19.
  • There's general enthusiasm for collaborating with Matt Bellis, who will be at Fermilab Feb 23 & 24 and has suggested a meeting with QuarkNet staff. The afternoon of the 24th and morning of the 23rd are the best meeting times for us; Joel will contact Matt to see if those work for him. Particle Physics Playground

Server repair

The server i2u2-vmhost02 is repaired, and all VMs have been returned to it with their standard specs. This issue should now be considered resolved!

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-02-08


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