Meeting Notes for 18 January

Present: Liz, Joel, Sudha, Marge, Mark, Ken, Tom, Kevin M


  • Kevin shared XM's sample site with the new theme concept via the Basecamp. Response from the developers was positive.
  • Kevin requested a couple of samples for the main image and any files we have that will help restructure the logo. Marge and Liz posted some to the Basecamp shortly after the meeting.
  • Sudha's about 2/3 of the way to having a development VM going, but she ran into an error. She'll meet with an XM dev in the coming weeks to work it out
  • The next big task is to decide on the content of the tiles and triptychs. Kevin will solicit input in the coming weeks.

Particle Physics Playground

Matt Bellis has a particle physics outreach project called Particle Physics Playground that has some overlap with the CMS e-Lab. He'll be at Fermilab in late February and wants to meet with some QN people Feb 23 or 24.
  • Matt has developed a cloud chamber demonstration, which Ken thinks could make an excellent "gateway experience" for classroom demonstrations and Masterclasses. Mark doubts that this would be a useful element for the e-Labs, though, since cloud chamber physics is not as quantitative. Matt once donated a cloud chamber to QuarkNet; Marge recalls that we passed it on to Don Lincoln.
  • Matt also has some great ideas (and examples) for student-friendly Jupyter notebooks, which is precisely the sort of thing we'd like to implement as Tier 4 of the Data Portfolio.
  • Consensus is that an ongoing working relationship with Matt would be beneficial. Tom will examine the Playground's Binder/CMS materials sometime in the next two week and see if there's promising room for collaboration; other developers should also take a look. Adam LaMee and Sergei Gleyzer might also be interested in developing classroom activities based on Matt's materials.

Cosmic Ray

  • Sudha still needs feedback on the changes to the tutorials
  • Sudha's been trying to sort out missing objects and broken links related to question marks in the Cosmic e-Lab. Liz recalls that these were originally written for use with early versions of Swift before we stopped using it, something about annotations for transformations. She can dig up some information.
  • Ken ran into a problem trying to select multiple DAQs during a recent Masterclass. If the second DAQ is on a different search page, the first selection is dropped. Mark thinks there's a way to do this successfully; he'll look into it.
  • As a reminder, there are intermittent problems with search (deliberately) ignoring data before summer of 2009. Joel has it on his slate to fix, but it'll be a little while.


  • Joel's updates are very nearly complete.
  • Tom reports the picking function is finished and working as a prototype on the dev server. He's been generating raw data files for the Masterclass; they need a little manual manipulation but should be complete this week. He'll send test samples to Ken
  • Ken, Tom, and Joel will confer tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 10:00AM Eastern to finalize the update plans for CIMA and iSpy

Server repair

No word on replacement parts. Joel will inquire with the CRC.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-01-25


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