Meeting Notes for 11 January

Present: Liz, Joel, Mark, Sudha, Tom, Marge, Kevin


  • XM has an installation and is working on theming
  • XM will solicit input on information architecture, images, etc. by Monday
  • Kevin will get us access to the Beanstalk code repository
  • Jim will let us know how to set up local copies of the development site by the end of today
  • Marge reports that Rider and Jim are working on the front page video; no timeline given

Cosmic Ray

  • Sudha did extensive language editing to the tutorial and step-by-steps before the holiday
  • Joel encourages testing of the Δt feature so it can be moved to production
  • Still dealing with the long analyses in the tutorials. Mark will look for a smaller dataset.


  • Tom finished most of what he wanted to do by the end of the year; changes are either in production or ready for it. Will coordinate with Ken about invariant mass selection code.
  • Joel progressing on CIMA improvements


  • After finishing CIMA improvements and repairing the server, Joel will focus on fixing the LIGO e-Lab. Some progress before the holiday, but too slow overall.

Server repair

i2u2-vmhost02 is under warranty, and SuperMicro has shipped the replacement parts.

-- Main.JoelG - 2017-01-11


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