Meeting Notes for 21 December

Present: Joel, Sudha, Ken, Mark, Liz, Kevin

Drupal site

  • Kevin suggests that we start the redesign by customizing a theme with QuarkNet livery/branding, with inspiration drawn from the ND Environmental Change Initiative site that we reviewed positively during the 14 Dec Fermilab meeting. The alternative is to have a designer produce a series of graphical mock-ups for review, which would involve additional time and cost. The developers agreed with this suggestion.
  • Kevin will create a BaseCamp group for collaboration.
  • We should consider a logo redesign as part of the upgrade. Ken and Liz will post various graphic files of alternate logos that they have to the BaseCamp, and we'll get Marge's input from that point.
  • Ken suggests that posts to center homepages might work better as tiles, similar to the social media tiles of the Oak Ridge front page, rather than as reverse-chronological listings. He'll post a graphical example of what he has in mind to the BaseCamp.
  • After Kevin logged off, we remembered that we should remind him of our desire to have a unified login system once the sites are on the same servers.


  • Liz notes that the analyses for the new step-by-step tutorial are quite slow, with 3 at ~7min each. Joel thinks this might be the result of increased load on i2u2-vmhost01, which is hosting all of the VMs until i2u2-vmhost02 is repaired. If not, it may be useful to choose a different CR data set, or to create an artificial one for the tutorial.
  • Joel plans to have CIMA panel updates in place by mid-January. No major CIMA updates from Ken or Tom.
  • Liz and Sudha have encountered a difficulty with displaying data associated with teachers through the e-Lab interface. Joel will investigate, as he just encountered a similar problem looking into DAQ assignments in Hawaii.
  • Sudha has a new Active Teacher page on i2u2-dev. She requests feedback before deploying to production.
  • Liz notes that "question-mark" items on the site often show URLs instead of the glossary definitions that they're supposed to (in the Lifetime Analysis tutorial, for example). She and Sudha will look into it.

Cosmic Ray

  • Some DAQs in Hawaii need to be updated. Mark and Sudha will take care of it.
  • Joel has a final draft of the Δt column for the Shower Analysis on i2u2-dev. He requests feedback before moving it to production.


Ken had a productive meeting with Sowjanya and other Fermilab neutrino people last Wednesday (14 Dec). They discussed concrete ideas for event displays, data sets, and educational physics tasks for the Masterclass. They will meet again in early January to track progress.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-12-21


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