Meeting Notes for 7 December

Present: Joel, Sudha, Ken, Mark

Drupal Site

We'll meet with Kevin next Wednesday, 14 Dec at 9:30 at Fermilab to discuss design ideas for the revamped Drupal site.


  • Joel's nearly ready to integrate the new particle-select panel into the main UI page of CIMA and adjust the code to handle Z-mass entry by users. Expects to have his part done by Christmas.
  • Ken will contact Tom to see how his development is going and if his upgrades now on the development server are ready to be moved to production.


  • Joel ran into an odd problem while testing the sign-convention addition to the Δt column where certain datasets have the same detector fire first for every event. Mark reports that this can happen when there's a GPS offset in one detector; he'll try to find a good dataset with a mixture of signs to use for testing.
  • Joel and Mark will meet after next week's in-person conference (Wed the 14th) to discuss further improvements.
  • Sudha's working on changes for the Cosmic tutorial.


Ken and several of the MicroBooNE people will meet at Fermilab next week (4:00pm on Wed 14 Dec). Mark might join.

Raspberry Pi

Ken and Sudha will continue work on the RPi next Wednesday (14 Dec) between the morning developers conference and the afternoon neutrino meeting.

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